About Us

Roatan Renegade Rescue is dedicated to caring for the stray, homeless animals of Roatan.

Many animals suffer from suffering from erlichia, mange, tick infestation and malnutrition.

All money raised goes directly towards the medical care, after care and feeding of animals who have known little of human kindness. We are also dedicated to finding homes for all our rescues when at all possible.

Collecting funds through the sales of wristbands and donations, we will rescue these animals, one at a time, as the funds become available.

Our Goals:

  • Regularly Scheduled Vet Visits

    Since we do not have a full time vet, we want to hold as many vet clinics as possible.  Thank you Dr. Ian Cameron for volunteering for our first one!

  • Obtain Land and Build an Adoption Center.

    1/2 acre away from all residential and commercial areas, mid island, basically property with no resale value. We plan to build an adoption center out of shipping containers, and market to cruise ship visitors.


We have put together a great incentive program for any Vets or Vet Techs willing to come to Roatan and help for a week.  2 weeks FREE lodging and scuba along with 25% off all food in West bay Beach.


Money goes a long way, we can get affordable supplies from opened or damaged packages from the USA shipped by the pallet.  

Donate Supplies

We have a very large list of needed supplies, even if they are old or expiring, we could make use of them.  It does not take much to change the life of an animal here.

Adopt an Animal

There are thousands of animals on Roatan living in the streets looking for a home.  The average life of an animal in the streets is less than 2 years.


Many, many thanks to such a wonderful and caring vet. My kitties practically had no down time at all and were back to being 5 little hellions in a mater of a few hours. Thank you Penny for organizing such a worthwhile clinic. You did a superior job and your high energy level amazes me.

I’m totally in to coming again, girls! Can you please send me available lodging dates this coming September?

Keep up the good work Penny…

Clinic was great!! Thanks Penny!! So many animals got help!!

There are many ways to help the animals of Roatan.