Update on dog that was hung

Small black dog, found in Sandy Bay we call Sandy, for now. Jhonan and I had made plans to steal this horribly abused little guy. Since Jhonan had been feeding him, Sandy just showed up, but in obvious pain. Like the others, took less than 5 minutes to gain his trust and quickly wrapped him in a towel. Because of his severe neck injury, jhonan came up with a small halter that worked well. As scared as Sandy was he allowed Jhonan to put it on him, looking at him with hopeful trust in his eyes.

Jhonan finally persuaded a cab driver to let him put the dog in the taxi with him and we met at the vet’s.

Dr. Soto’s examination and diagnosis painted a gruesome picture, but not nearly what we had feared. From the way Sandy could not move his head, his obvious pain and choking and coughing, we thought he must have a broken bone in his neck and a crushed larynx. Sandy had apparently been tied up his entire short life with a thin wire that cut through his neck and was deeply imbedded, with lots of scar tissue. This was in addition to the hanging. The vet shaved his neck and cleaned out a severe infection. We boarded him over night & he is now on a list of meds, applied daily and is infested with fleas and ticks. Jhonan cannot continue to keep him in his apartment, but Sandy cannot be allowed to return to his abusers. When Jhonan went to talk to the owner, she was surprised that we had taken the dog in for medical treatment and finally agreed to let someone else have the dog because after all, “the kids will just hang him again.”

Will someone please help out and give this boy a safe place to heal? RRR will pay for all his expenses and when strong enough we will have him neutered. He will make a fine, loyal, loving pet and will be a small dog. Please help.

Penny & the Animals