Dear Friends of RRR

It has been a while and we have been very busy!

     First things first, a huge Thank You for all of your very generous donations. Because of the funds available to us, we have been able to help many animals. The Animals of Roatan and volunteers give huge appreciation to:
Michael and Cheryl Prater
Dave & Cathy Brook
Angie Dean
Robert & Judy Jenkins
Rick Mayeaux (As Always)
Janet Carkeek
Wendy Warner
Cary Luber (you are amazing)
Robert Nicholls
Sheila Jones

     Extra Special Thanx to Rescuer Francine Dupree for managing our Paypal account so diligently as well as helping all the animals she continues to do on a daily basis.

     Because of you all we have accomplished quite a bit.

     Animal Lovers and Activists continue to amaze me. Yesterday a large van with driver pulled up in front of Penelope’s. A woman from the cruise ship, here for one day asked if this was the drop off site for RRR donations. I introduced myself and she hugged me. Janet Carkeek of Omaha, Nebraska with the help of her driver, then unloaded pet food bags, biscuits, toys, medicines, collars. Her dog had just passed on and she gave me his favorite toys to donate. It was such an incredible act of kindness. She had to leave quickly as the back of the rented van was filled with dog biscuits and a 5 gallon jug of water and plastic bowls. She spent her Roatan vacation day driving the length of Roatan, tossing out dog cookies and giving out water everywhere she went. A couple in the store at the time were so moved, they gave a cash donation. Today, Wendy Warner came in from Canada to tell me of her rescue efforts back home and share ideas, also giving a donation. My devoted volunteers, Jhonan and Shelby were able to save and better the lives of nine animals with $600 of these funds (and the help of my poor old car.). In addition, Jhonan with help from a friend was able to get eight dogs to the World Vets for treatment and spay neuter. Many other friends continue with their individual rescue efforts, all so very important. Lanita saved the white dog in Coxen Hole with a broken foot & RRR was able to pay the vet bill. Kitty Kat Sally of West Bay continues her excellent work with the cat population of West Bay Beach and RRR funds helped out with the medical bills there too.

     Just to reiterate, all RRR funds go directly to aid the truly homeless, starving animals. RRR does not spend any funds on cute teeshirts, meetings or gasoline. I want you to know where your donations, every Dollar/Lempira is used. Our bank book is open to all who donate time or funds. Every $5.00 wristband purchase adds up.

     Please remember, when you don’t hear from us, we have not folded up our tents and gone home, we are just busy doing what we need to do!

     Sorry to do this, but I am flat out of time, as usual, so need to post some personal notes here:

     Due in large part to cruiser, Janet Carkeek:
Sally: I have bags of good cat food, feline heart worm meds and collars for you at the store. Jhonan: I have 2 big bags of dog food & dog cookies for you to continue your daily feeding of the Coxen Hole and gas station dogs. Also, leashes, meds and toys. A bit much for you to carry on your scooter, so come pick up what you can carry and I will bring the rest to you on my day off. Kathy: I have parrot cages, food bowls and toys for your feathered East End rescues at PIE.

     That’s it for now.

     Thank you all for all your help with the animals of Roatan. Every little bit helps.