Quick Update


A quick update:

     RRR has been quite busy with several rescues that have not been documented. Several animal lovers have taken on rescues of their own. We are so appreciative of volunteers stepping up when they can. One such incident is a puppy being neglected & abused. (Rescuer & location undisclosed). It turned into a horrible situation of near starvation & torture. We planned to steal the puppy, but could not get the timing right. The person who asked for our help, tried several plans of attack and ended up injured. How our rescuer found a way to help was brilliant. The landlord was contacted who spoke to the abusers. Our rescuer is now allowed to take the dog into her fenced yard, feed it, care for it and allow it to play with other dogs and learn what love is all about. The puppy has responded immediately. The dog is returned and tied up by the “owner” each evening. We can only hope & pray over time he will let the dog be adopted by his loving, caring foster.

     Another dog, dubbed “Rocky” was actually rescued and cared for by two different people. After much care and expensive treatment the animal did not respond. The most compassionate decision we could make was to put her down. Hopefully she is now in peace and not in pain.

Special Thanks to our ongoing, selfless volunteers:
Gene & Leslie, West Bay
Barry, West Bay
Jhonan, Sandy Bay
I couldn’t do it without you.

     A NY vet found RRR on the internet and we began exchanging emails and phone calls. She came to visit the island and we are discussing the possibilities of her coming down and setting up spay/neuter/ medical surgery specifically for our homeless, desperate street animals. She and her tech can do 35 procedures a day, if RRR can set it up. While visiting the island, she & her children rescued 2 Infinity Bay cats, took one home and is in the process of shipping the second one from Roatan to NY. They will join her personal family of 16 dogs and many other animals, including horses. I meet the most incredible people in the world, all doing such good work.

     We have received incredible donations from our boxes in Paya Bay, Infinity Bay and Remax, Jackson Plaza. Thank You!

     Because everything RRR is able to do is based on donations, it is with sadness that I report two donation boxes have been stolen, from West End and French Harbour. The one in Jackson Plaza was smashed and destroyed. Besides stealing the money, the box being destroyed was just as disappointing. The cost of the importing, shipping and customs all came from direct sponsors. All three thieves are known and identified, but nothing was done.

     There have been many calls for help lately, too many to mention, but RRR is happy to share meds, leashes, resources to all that reach out. It is such a disappointment that I cannot help so many because of the lack of a shelter or foster care volunteers.

     I have so many, many people to thank for their most generous donations of funds and supplies. I sincerely apologize if I don’t name you all, but I will try my best.

Thank You to Our Generous Donors:
Lailja Ware
Catherine Downey
John & Susan Brotherton
Joan & Rocky
Michael & Cheryl Prater
Carolyn Kocian
Sheila Jones
Ashley Hyslop
Viva Properties, Claudio & Emiliana
Rick Mayeux (Again – Hugs)
Kay Heimmer, in memory of Bud & Bridget
Matt & Caroline Karvonen & their rescues Picadilly & Bandit
– Donated to RRR on the occasion of their Roatan Wedding.
Thank you to Kent Burnes, Blue Bahia for suggesting us.
Susan Reed, offer of free graphic design
The Texas lady from the Humane Society who would like to ship us Walmart Pet Supply Returns!!!

     RRR does spend a significant amount of money for the immediate medical care of these homeless and abused animals.Your support directly saves lives. Your funds are not used for gasoline, administrative fees or tee shirts. Every dollar donated is used to aid our neglected animals’ needs. We continue to appreciate all the donations of supplies and medications. We use them all. Our website wishlist is a good source of information if anyone you know would like to donate. We constantly hand out leashes and collars, we always need Frontline Plus & Heartguard. It is amazing how much these lovable animals are thrilled with their first toy or blankie or the first good tasting chewie.

     RRR thanks you all for anything you can do to help these poor animals.

Penny & The Animals

“We are rescued by those whom we have rescued.”

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