$15,000 worth of pet meds have arrived on Roatan!

I am thrilled and delighted to announce that due to all the hoopla, publicity and our RRR Event we have been donated a huge amount of medications for our starving, sick, homeless animals. The retail value is $15,000! This is due in part to all the publicity and commentary about what RRR has been up to and a chance meeting with Patty Grier, on the Galaxy. Patty & Dr Calderone have a relationship with a US Dr who is sending meds to us now.Everything needed for Dr Calderone’s practice will be used there, much is being dispersed to those who are active in rescue and that includes RRR. We have so much to share. It is to be used strictly for the homeless, sick, starving animals and families in need who cannot otherwise afford to care for their animals. The list is very long, but includes Heartguard, Frontline, all the most necessary top meds we so desperately need. We have lots of Heartguard for cats, they need it too and they will eat it, it tastes good.

Let me know who needs the meds and what you need. I will disperse from Penelope’s and Kathy, come get a bunch for the East End. What a God Send! There will be more help coming now that the word is getting out. If so much as one box of meds is sold, rather than used we will receive no more help. Please assist me in getting this all out right away to help all the suffering animals.

I guess it really is true: Good Deeds, Hard Honest Work, Great Publicity, Nasty Lies, Vicious Gossip, Dark rumors……………just spell our name correctly!!!

Thanx to everyone who helped this happen, whether you meant to or not!!

Don’t forget to buy your RRR Calendars!!!

Relief is on the way……….