Sad Honduran Traditions


On Roatan, a common old practice is to lock up puppies so that they don’t wander away or become stolen. They live all day in these hot, dark boxes without food or water. Very hard to change Honduran traditions when it comes to humane treatment of animals. It will take time and suggesting better ways to each owner to contain their pets in a more comfortable way.

Thank You GerMed USA

A great big Shout Out and THANK YOU to GerMed USA. They sent us out a very large kit of surgical spay neuter instruments, days after Caroline Norcross and I attended the Vet Convention in January. Customs just released them….5 months later. I do not have their contact info.   Now we have the surgical instruments, we sure have animals in need, all we need now are the vets!

Thank you Dr. Ian Cameron!

Dear Dr. Ian Cameron,
Thank you so much for volunteering a day of your valuable time and expertise to help our animals in dire need. What was to be a Spay Neuter Mini-Clinic from 12 noon to 5 pm, became an 11 am to 7pm marathon, even helping a nearly dead puppy found at the side of the road and brought in for emergency help.
You took the time to instruct all of us on how to run a clinic and explained in great detail all of your procedures, with a positive, friendly and upbeat attitude. Your love for animals is so apparent. I personally have never seen a vet kiss a dog on the nose, sorry I didn’t catch that in a photo! You have changed the life of so many of our animals in just 8 hours.

In addition to all the donated surgery, we sold many RRR Calendars and received generous donations. As you know we have no full time vet or facility, so you also helped us tremendously in building funds to purchase an older, used Vet Van, to go wherever we are needed.
On behalf of RRR, all my wonderful volunteers and especially the animals you saved from the agony of endless litters, please accept my deepest thanks and gratitude.

Again,Thank You so very much,
Penny Leigh
RRR Founder

First RRR Mini Vet Clinic!

RRR is very excited to host our first Mini Vet Clinic!

Spay – Neuter – Rabies Vaccine!

RRR is very grateful to Dr. Ian Cameron for taking a day of his vacation to set up our very first Mini-Clinic on Friday. We are also very appreciative of Tal & Marla for graciously allowing us the use of their Spanish Colonial Hotel Reception area in West Bay. The Clinic was to be held from 12 noon to 5 pm.People and Animals began arriving at 9:30. We began the surgeries at 11 am and barely stopped to breathe past 7 pm.
I had been sending out daily blasts for a week that RRR was having it’s very first Mini Clinic, First Come First Served. We handed out numbers. The only glitch we had was when Dr Ian began the surgeries, he wanted to do the male animals first, as they go so quickly. Until then, we had no idea this was his plan. 99% of our people in attendance were very patient and understanding.

As wonderful as World Vets, FL Vets & their organizers are, we are trying to do more. We certainly do not want to compete with or be compared to these large organizations. It is commendable that they train students vet procedures while helping our island animals.
RRR’s first little clinic was held to do as many spay neuters as possible and give Rabies vaccine. Secondly, we had a highly skilled vet training us on how to prepare and run clinics for all the vets who have shown an interest in coming to help. We still are diligently saving towards our goal of an older, used vet van and offering an incentive package for vets to come. It is all about the animals and nothing more.
Dr Ian, alone, one vet, spay neutered over 20 animals and handled an emergency of a puppy nearly dead at the side of the road. In 8 hours we gave 20+ dogs and cats a healthy, long life, stopped the creation of countless litters and the agony, starvation and diseases that go with unwanted animals.I am very thankful for all the volunteers who worked so hard and all the knowledge we gained from Dr Ian. Each clinic will get better and better.We hope to do clinics all over the island, where we are most needed…..why we so desperately need that van.
We are all so fortunate to call beautiful Roatan home, so it is only natural that we want to learn to take care of our island animals as well.
RRR has a vet visiting the end of the month to do a complete assessment of our situation. We are taking him on an extended tour and then we will decide, based on his expertise what the best course of action will be to putting together a team.
Thank you to all who helped and donated and your encouragement. It is just the beginning.

NAVC Vet Convention in Orlando

Hello Everyone!
There is no place like Home….
Caroline Norcross (Ms November and I (Ms April) just attended the world’s largest vet convention, NAVC in Orlando.
The Vet Convention was just terrific and mind blowing. We have lots of organizations, vet colleges, med corps, instrument manufacturers and willing vet groups promising to give us aid to help our animal population. Now we have to get to work and get it all organized. Much more to come. We will be posting our achievements and photos on the RRR website and FB very soon.

After long days in the exhibit hall, the evening entertainment and receptions were unbelievable. We got to see Jack Hanna! Once again, it reaffirms what I have always believed: Animal Lovers are the best people in the world.

I arrived home to a unique situation. Apparently there is a 12 foot boa constrictor giving birth & hissing in my old bodega and no one will set foot in there.
Does anyone else you know ever have these types of problems??? Gotta love it.
Does anyone want to adopt an adorable boa family?
Just call me Jungle Woman…….(sigh).

FB: R.R.R. Roatan Renegade Rescue

Attention Vets and Vet Techs!!!

We are offering:
2 weeks free lodging and 25% off food in west Bay beach,ranked one of the top ten beaches in the world!

What we need in return:
One week of vetting, mainly spay and neuter, vaccines! 2nd week is yours for enjoying our gorgeous island! We have no facility or full time vet! We need meds, anesthesia and surgical instruments! RRR will have everything set up and ready for you whenever you are able to do a clinic on Roatan! We have our calendar girls to host you, and show you our beautiful island! ScubaDivingDivas will provide diving and you can get you certification if need be. Whatever you need to bring can be shipped directly to me in advance! Just email me or call me and let RRR and let me know when you are coming! Thank you so much for any help you can give our suffering animals!

Our list of needs:
Spay/neuter surgeries, Vaccines, Mange treatment,
Worming meds, Flea/tick infestation,
and Heart guard preventative and treatment

Thank you in advance for everyone’s effort and donations!