To be considered as an adopter, you must:

Be 21 years of age or older.
Have identification.
Have consent of your landlord.
Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide medical treatment.
Agree to spay or neuter your animal if too young when adopted.>
Agree that Roatan Renegade Rescue has the right to remove the animal from your home if there is evidence of inhumane treatment, medical neglect, malnutrition, or sterilization has not been performed by agreed upon date.


Parrots may not be exported from Honduras.

Exporting animals from Honduras:

  1. You must get a vet check-up & letter stating that the animal is healthy & up to date on vaccinations. This certificate is then sent by the vet to Tegus to be verified, takes a few days. The paperwork must be less than 10 days old when the animal departs. Depending on the time of year (temperature of the tarmac & how full the flights are) you call the various airlines, depending what your destination is and what kind of animal you are transporting. On some airlines there can be no more than 2 cats per flight for example.
  2. Some airlines will not fly animals if the temperature exceeds 83 degrees, for the animal’s safety in cargo.  It will be determined by size and space availability if the animal travels in cabin or in cargo. You then make your reservation, usually they will not reserve space until 3 days before the flight.
  3. With paperwork in hand, you present the animal in an airline approved carrier at the airport on the day of departure. It is weighed & you pay the fee in cash. It is usually around $200.00 for the animal’s ticket.

Importing animals into Honduras:

Same rules apply. If the flight lands in San Pedro Sula, the animal must be seen by a vet there at the airport. Your Honduran vet needs to arrange this ahead of time. It is then examined and paperwork checked. This experience varies by whoever is working immigration. Once released you travel on from there. Bring copies of your passport, residency card (if you have one) driver’s license & copies of all vet paperwork. If the airport copy machine is broken, you can be stuck there for days & they will not release your animal. Be prepared.

Key ingredients: Stay calm, friendly & patient.

I have 10 rescues, 8 of which came from the states, one from Brazil, so it can be done, just follow the rules, no matter how much or how often they change……..:)