Metal art by: Rusty Fish,

Roatan Renegade Rescue gives Special Thanks to these very generous donors and sponsors. We could never have accomplished so much in such a short period of time without their support.

RH & Patty Franklin

Virginia/Key Hole Bay

Jim Guffey

Palmetto Bay Plantation

Cary Luber

Sandy Bay

Joanne Clement


Bruce Buckman

Colorado/West Bay Beach

Steve & Lourdes Hasz

West Bay

Ken Schadegg


TJ & Jessie Sheehan

Lighthouse Estates/Canada

Randy & Paula Pennington

Houston, USA

Jason & Mary Ward

Heather Heimmer Moody & Grandmother Carla

Atlanta, USA

Peter Brown & Vanda La Grave

Blake Finley

Website Designer (2012)
Florida, USA

Cindy Howard Henry Bass


Kyle Gordon

New Website Designer (2014)
Colorado, USA