NAVC Vet Convention in Orlando

Hello Everyone!
There is no place like Home….
Caroline Norcross (Ms November and I (Ms April) just attended the world’s largest vet convention, NAVC in Orlando.
The Vet Convention was just terrific and mind blowing. We have lots of organizations, vet colleges, med corps, instrument manufacturers and willing vet groups promising to give us aid to help our animal population. Now we have to get to work and get it all organized. Much more to come. We will be posting our achievements and photos on the RRR website and FB very soon.

After long days in the exhibit hall, the evening entertainment and receptions were unbelievable. We got to see Jack Hanna! Once again, it reaffirms what I have always believed: Animal Lovers are the best people in the world.

I arrived home to a unique situation. Apparently there is a 12 foot boa constrictor giving birth & hissing in my old bodega and no one will set foot in there.
Does anyone else you know ever have these types of problems??? Gotta love it.
Does anyone want to adopt an adorable boa family?
Just call me Jungle Woman…….(sigh).

FB: R.R.R. Roatan Renegade Rescue

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