My name is Lucky and I live with John and Lin Coyle (aka “my people”) in First Bight. John and Lin had just retired to Roatan and one of their retirement dreams was to work with animals (little did they know that Roatan Renegade Rescue would provide the vehicle to do just that!).

Just 4 short weeks ago, a kind man named Keith and his friend found me on the side of the road near RECO. As a little guy (I only weighed 2.5 pounds and wasn’t much more than 4-5 weeks old) I was scared by all the cars whizzing by. My head drooped down and I knew that I couldn’t walk any further. The kind man turned his car around and they got out of the car and scooped me up right then and there. I was infested with fleas and ticks and was dehydrated and very close to death; they drove me right to the vet. I really didn’t think I was going to live much longer and then these two kind people came along and saved my life. They couldn’t keep me themselves and asked Penny to try to find a home for me. John and Lin offered to foster me under a new family could be found. After spending the night at the vet clinic, they picked me up and brought me to their home. It didn’t take long for them to realize that the 3 of us were perfect together and to let Penny know that they wanted me to stay with them forever. Within 24 hours, my whole life had changed. I went from a sad, sick little puppy living on the streets to having my very own dog crate with blankets, as well as a soft bed just for me.

Over this past month, my people have nursed me back to health. For the first time in my life, I can count on 3 meals a day, clean water (with ice cubes yet!), toys to play with and people who loved me unconditionally. Being the smart puppy that I am, I’ve already learned sit, stay and down; I can walk on a leash and am very well-behaved in public. My people play ball with me on the grass and don’t complain when I dig holes in their garden.

I’m happy that Keith and his friend found me; I’m happy that John and Lin adopted me and I’m happy to share my story with all of you.