Thank you Dr. Ian Cameron!

Dear Dr. Ian Cameron,
Thank you so much for volunteering a day of your valuable time and expertise to help our animals in dire need. What was to be a Spay Neuter Mini-Clinic from 12 noon to 5 pm, became an 11 am to 7pm marathon, even helping a nearly dead puppy found at the side of the road and brought in for emergency help.
You took the time to instruct all of us on how to run a clinic and explained in great detail all of your procedures, with a positive, friendly and upbeat attitude. Your love for animals is so apparent. I personally have never seen a vet kiss a dog on the nose, sorry I didn’t catch that in a photo! You have changed the life of so many of our animals in just 8 hours.

In addition to all the donated surgery, we sold many RRR Calendars and received generous donations. As you know we have no full time vet or facility, so you also helped us tremendously in building funds to purchase an older, used Vet Van, to go wherever we are needed.
On behalf of RRR, all my wonderful volunteers and especially the animals you saved from the agony of endless litters, please accept my deepest thanks and gratitude.

Again,Thank You so very much,
Penny Leigh
RRR Founder

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