What we need from you.

One week of vetting, mainly spaying,  neutering, and giving vaccinations!  We have no facility or full time vet so you will need to bring your own meds, anesthesia and surgical instruments.   Whatever you need to bring can be shipped directly to R.R.R. from Texas in advance! 

Our list of needs:

  • Spay/neuter Surgions
  • Vaccinations/Vaccines
  • Mange Treatment
  • Worming Meds
  • Flea/Tick Infestation
  • Heart Guard Prevention and Treatment
  • Any donations or soon to expire food or drugs for all types of animals. Reptiles, birds, fish, dogs, cats, etc.

What you get in return.

RRR produced a calendar to raise funds and to offer visiting vets a great incentive program.

  • 2 weeks of FREE lodging provided by our Calendar Girls, the second week is all yours.
  • They will also show you our beautiful island.
  • Plan activities for you each evening.
  • All food in West Bay Beach will be 25% off.
  • Diving provided by ScubaDivingDivas will get you certified, redunked and take you diving or snorkeling.
  • RRR will have everything else set up and ready for you whenever you are able to do your clinic in Roatan! 

Roatan is in dire need of a full time vet and groomer. With all the baby boomers retiring here with their pure bred pets, vets and groomers could make comparable wages to the US & Canada.

Apply Now:

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